Stewardship Program 2019

Welcome to week three of our Parish Stewardship Program!

This week we celebrate our parish as a community of faith – an authentic community where people are welcomed, known and loved.

It is a place of care, support and outreach – with a clear mission to live the values of the Gospel.

This means that we all have a responsibility to share our gifts and talents for the benefit of others – making our time available to be involved in one of our many groups and ministries.  We all have a contribution to make – so have a look at the “Groups & Ministries” list to see what best suits you.

At Masses this weekend we will hear from members of the Parish Leadership team about the impact our faith and our parish has made in their lives and how important it is for us all to make our contributions to parish life.

Fr Denis

Leadership Team Thoughts

Why is it important to be actively involved in Parish Groups and Ministries?

“As participants in the holy sacrifice of the mass, we are called to live our faith through our works – the most important of which are our parish ministries” (Patrick)

“It is important to be actively involved in Parish Groups and Ministries.  These are showing how we love one another as Jesus lovers.  As well reminding each other when we are not in the right track and support each other in needs” (Molly)

“I want to thank God for the promises he has put in my heart; to live my life and use my talents and gifts for the glory of God.  Servant living is what needs to be done so that God’s work can be done” (Wendy)

“As a result of unending love of God and his goodness, we live on this earth.  As a child of God, being an active parishioner is a great way to show my gratitude to the Father” (Ruwan)

“We the lay people make up the church and need to be there to help the parish priest. By joining groups and ministries we learn and share our faith, encouraging others to do so” (Peter)

Click here to download the Parish Groups & Ministries form