Foundation Mass St Thomas the Apostle Cranbourne East


Sunday 8th July 2012 is a memorable date in the history the new Cranbourne East community as well as that of St Peter’s College. It was indeed the celebration of the Foundation Mass by Bishop Christopher Prowse and Father Denis O’Bryan for the new Parish of St Thomas the Apostle in Cranbourne East.
The East campus had the honour and privilege to be the ‘Gathering Place’ on this very special occasion. In his captivating Homily, Bishop Christopher Prowse expressed, first of all, his gratitude to the Aboriginal Community and he stressed on the exceptional opportunity for the parishioners to let themselves be guided by Jesus and the Holy Spirit to evangelise and build a vibrant community in Faith.

Father Denis O’Bryan has expressed his great excitement in the building of this new Parish and is thankful to God for this Grace and for the enthusiasm of the new Pastoral Council and to the amazingly large number of parishioners present at the Foundation Mass. He extended his thanks to the St Peter’s College Community for its support to build the new St Thomas the Apostle Parish.
I wish to put on record the outstanding performance of the choir led by Samoan Community on that day which greatly contributed to create a perfect atmosphere for prayer.

Our school community at St Peter’s Cranbourne East has already started and will continue to bring its fair share of contribution in the building of the new Parish.

Mass will be celebrated at the College on a regular basis every Sunday morning at 9.30 for the new Cranbourne East Parish Community until the building of the church.
May St Thomas help the new Parish flourish and produce its fruits in abundance.