• Message from our Parish Priest

    Dear Parishioners, In the Liturgy of the Word this week we are invited to reflect on how important it is to pray with the Word of God. The fruit is not only growing wisdom and knowledge as the Word probes the very heart and soul of our lives but praying with the Word of God […]

  • Parish Notices

    POPE FRANCIS ASKS US TO PRAY THE ROSARY IN OCTOBER Pope Francis has asked every Catholic to pray the Rosary each day during October for the protection of the Church from attacks by the devil. United in communion and penitence as the People of God, Catholics should plead for protection against the devil, who always […]

  • Message From Parish Priest

    Dear Parishioners, I wish to thank the Parish Plenary Council Team for the terrific work they are doing to respond to the request of the Australian Catholic Bishops that we listen for the clear voice of the Holy Spirit speaking through especially our parishioners. The Plenary Council Team does not exist to speak for us, […]

  • Message from our Parish Priest

    Dear Parishioners, We have begun to reflect upon the Apostolic Exhortation on the Call to Holiness in Today’s World which Pope Francis published earlier this year. In No.16 Pope Francis gives a simple and appealing example of holiness in everyday life. After reading the paragraph, how could you apply it to your own life? Gaudete […]

  • TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME – (Year B) 23rd September 2018

    Parish Notices SACRAMENT OF FIRST HOLY COMMUNION:  We congratulate the last group of candidates who will make their First Holy Communion this weekend: Joseph Lobo, Cassandra Sanchez, Jasper Micallef, Kiandra Reynolds, Florianne Agujar, Jade Barlaan, Julien Sangalang, Deiondre Adelson, Anusha D’Silva, Myer Marabeles, Harlee Kingsley, Sarah Quinn, Catherine Quinn, Jayden Kottiyali, Aaron Kottiyali, Chauncey Morin, […]


    Dear Parishioners, Earlier this year Pope Francis delivered to all Catholics an Apostolic Exhortation (Gaudete et Exsultate) on the call to Holiness in today’s world. His goal was to repropose the universal call to holiness in a practical way for our times. “Universal” means, as the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council declared, that everyone […]


    PLENARY COUNCIL 2020 News:                   Please visit: http://plenarycouncil.catholic.org.au/ “INVITATION FROM THE PARISH, ANIMATORS AND PLENARY COUNCIL TEAM” To the “LISTENING AND DIALOGUE ENCOUNTERS” starting soon…   –               Pope Francis has spoken of the need to engage in the world and respond in faith – The society in Australia has changed significantly too, that is why the […]

  • Message from the Parish Priest

    Dear Parishioners, Our Parish Plenary Council Team participated in a Diocesan training session during the week. It was emphasised how critical it is to engage as many parishioners as possible in the process of discerning in what ways the Holy Spirit is calling for renewed life in the Australian Catholic Church. Crucial to this is […]