• Volunteers

    Dear Volunteers, As we approach the exciting phase of commencing our third weekend Mass, it is extremely important that every parish volunteer contact the Parish Office with their intention regarding the new mass times. There are also a great number of people who have obtained a Working With Children Card (WWCC) but whom we are […]

  • Message from our Parish Priest

    Dear Parishioners, This weekend we continue the Midway Review of our Stewardship Program. We ask every parishioner who is already a part of the Stewardship Program to renew their commitment at Mass, and we also invite new parishioners to join the Stewardship Program now. Our Stewardship Program is of vital importance to our parish at […]

  • Prayer of Saint Thomas the Apostle

    Let us Pray! Glorious Saint Thomas, Your love for Jesus and faith in him as Lord and God are an inspiration for all who seek Jesus. You gave up your life as an Apostle and as a missionary. You encourage us to be courageous in giving witness to faith and in proclaiming the gospel. You […]