Message from our Parish Priest

Written by Christine / Fiona

October 29, 2019

Message from our Parish Priest

Dear Parishioner,

As I celebrate 40 years as a priest the words that I most wish to express are those of gratitude. Our deepest expression of gratitude is always to God whose life we share, who calls and blesses us. I am conscious of being richly blessed. And those blessings have come through a multitude of people including my family, the people and priests of the Leongatha parish where I grew up, schools and teachers, seminary, parishes and parishioners, priests, deacons and bishops with whom I have not only shared ministry but who have been lifelong friends. I think with great gratitude of each one of you, the parish staff and parishioners of the Clyde North and Cranbourne parishes who are constantly the source of blessings to me and our community. Thank you. May God continue to bless us as we live the mission of Christ which is the heart of our parish life. We will continue to worship and pray together, to be healed and forgiven and to bring healing and forgiveness, to proclaim and the live the most wonderful mystery which St Paul describes as “Christ is among you, Christ our hope and glory.” God bless you all, Fr Denis

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