Written by Christine / Fiona

December 2, 2018


Dear Parishioners, we have finished our listening and dialogue sessions for the month of November. Many were the responses but most importantly, the richness of our stories of faith made possible to unite our hearts, souls and minds in prayer. In the weeks to come, we will share with you this experience.

As the Holy Season of Advent starts, we ask God to help us prepare ourselves for a deep, personal encounter with Christ this Christmas season.  The following is a reflection from ‘One Bread, One Body’ courtesy of Presentation Ministries.

The Holy Spirit has taught the Church that to prepare for Christ, we must:

  • Pray the Mass with so much love that Mass becomes the center of our lives. Thus, we have the word, “Christ-Mass.” 
  • Be immersed in repentance and express this by Advent Confession(s) (see Lk 3:3ff). 
  • Abide in God’s Word (Jn 8:31) and share His Word. This is the origin of Christmas cards. 
  • Do penance, especially fasting. This is the connotation of the Advent color, purple. 
  • Do good deeds, especially almsgiving. This is the origin of Christmas gift-giving.”

“May the Holy Spirit lead our steps towards Jesus this Christmas season”

“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`The five Regional Gatherings and listening sessions with Bishop O’Regan have now concluded. Bishop O’Regan has revealed some of the common elements that have been raised:

  • How, in the 21st Century, can we pass on the gift of faith to our children
  • How can we be an evangelising presence in our society.
  • What is the best form of Youth Ministry
  • How might we be more inclusive in our parishes to all
  • How might we be more welcoming in our parishes.

Please do not let go the opportunity to make your contribution to the preparation for the Plenary Council.


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