SYNOD 2023

Written by Christine / Fiona

December 17, 2021

Catholics across Australia are invited to participate in a period of local consultation for the next international Synod of Bishops, which has the theme: “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation and Mission”.

Communion Phase:

“This is what we are called to: unity, communion, and the fraternity born of the realisation that all of us are embraced by the one love of God. The Synod offers us the opportunity to become a listening Church and a Church of closeness.” (Pope Francis) 

Along with Pope Francis, Bishop Greg invites us to come together especially during the next three months in preparation for the Church’s “Renewal” proposed by the Second Vatican Council. We are called to journey and reflect together on the journey that has been made. The Church will be able to learn through her experience which processes can help her to live in Communion, to achieve participation and to open herself to mission. For more information, visit

Please join our parish community in helping us during this journey by reflecting on the following questions on Communion in the survey link below. We would love to listen and walk through this experience of faith with you.

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