Message from our Parish Priest – 21st July 2019

Written by Christine / Fiona

July 21, 2019

Message from our Parish Priest

I wish to thank everyone who has generously supported our parish Stewardship Renewal. This provides the financial foundation for our parish and is a wonderful result for a parish which is just three years old. I wish to acknowledge our gratitude as a parish to Therese Proy who conducted the Renewal. She has made a major contribution to the foundation years of our parish, as she also conducted our first Stewardship Program three years ago. I wish to thank the parish volunteers who so generously gave of their time to form the Leadership Team for the Renewal, led by Patrick Ross, and who assisted at our parish Masses. I thank Fr Brendan Hogan and the parishioners who spoke at our parish Masses. It shows the great foundation for our parish that exists in the many families that make up our parish and the spirit of generosity that we encounter so often. Thank you!!!

In the coming months I will be taking my annual leave from the beginning of August, and a short sabbatical leave during September and into the second week of October. There will be visiting priests to provide our Saturday night and Sunday Masses, and also for the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady. However, during these months we will not have our regular weekday Masses. If a priest is needed urgently, please contact the Cranbourne or other neighbouring parishes. May God bless you all, Fr Denis

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