Message from our Parish Priest

Written by Christine / Fiona

March 17, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

During the past week the World Health Organization has officially declared the Covid-19 Coronavirus to be a pandemic. There is considerable anxiety amongst Australians as we face the spread of the coronavirus here. I wish to thank all parishioners for your generous acceptance of the recommendations for celebrating Mass that Bishop O’Regan has asked us to implement. We wish to assure our parishioners that we will continue to respond promptly to any further requests from Bishop O’Regan in collaboration with government and health officials concerning the coronavirus. Let us not forget to pray for those who are sick and have died, those wonderful health care workers who are caring for the sick, those who are striving to overcome the virus, and for those who are experiencing fear and anxiety at this time.

May God bless you, Fr Denis

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