Message From Parish Priest

Written by Christine / Fiona

October 5, 2018

Dear Parishioners,
I wish to thank the Parish Plenary Council Team for the terrific work they are doing to respond to the request of the Australian Catholic Bishops that we listen for the clear voice of the Holy Spirit speaking through especially our parishioners. The Plenary Council Team does not exist to speak for us, but to encourage and enable all parishioners to speak and listen. As a parish we are greatly heartened that about 150 parishioners have added their names to the clipboards at Mass indicating their desire to participate. It still leaves many more. The time for this first phase of preparation for the Plenary Council will conclude on Ash Wednesday next year, so it is quite limited. I urge all parishioners to pray constantly that the Plenary Council will bear great blessings for our country and a new fidelity to God’s call to be active in participating in Christ’s mission in Australia. I also urge all parishioners to participate.
May God bless you all, Fr Denis

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