SEVENTH ORDINARY SUNDAY (Year C) – 24th February 2019

Written by Christine / Fiona

February 26, 2019

Plenary Council


Come and join in this listening and dialogue session:


Monday 25TH February @ 7.30 pm at St Peter’s College


Lana Turvey-Collins, the National Plenary 2020 Facilitator, explains: “I want to emphasise that everyone is invited to respond to three questions: 

1.    What do you think God is asking of us in Australia? The question is about casting a vision for what might be possible for our future, trying to connect with God’s voice in your heart. What do you think about for our future? What do you imagine? What could be possible for us all, with God? What are we being called to? It’s a challenging question because it asks each of us to stretch our imaginations beyond anything we have lived or experienced in the past.

2.    What questions do you have about the future of the Church that you would like the Council to consider? 
The question invites everyone to name the priority issues and topics for the future of the Church in Australia as part of Australian society.

3.    What are your stories of your experience of faith, or of the Church in Australia, that you would like to share? 
The question is an invitation to share stories, because the story gives context — a human encounter and lived reality to accompany any person’s responses to the first two questions. It helps others reading your response to understand a little more about you, giving insight to your sense of faith and your lived faith experience.

As a Church, if we are to “meet the unmet need”, then we cannot do this apart from one another. We must be connected, and this requires crossing borders, breaking through barriers and actively dismantling silos. Sharing stories is one of the best ways to connect with one another and then we can build upon the foundation of relationship and understanding”.


Follow the latest news of the Plenary Council on its website:

and the Listening and dialogue sessions with our Bishop, website:,

page down to Listening and Dialogue Sessions and click on the link.


In the months leading up to the Diocesan Assembly (13-14 Sept), the Diocesan community is being invited to embark on a period of prayer and preparation with a Diocesan Pilgrimage of the Icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Hep (patroness of our Dioceses) and the Diocesan Plenary 2020 Candle. Each parish will host the Icon and Candle for one week with the opportunity to receive and bless the Icon at weekend Masses and have it displayed for prayer during the week. Our parish will be hosting the Icon and Candle on 5th May.


Host Parish on the weekend of 24th February – St Mary’s Cathedral


Parish Notices

COMMUNION TO SICK WORKSHOP – This workshop is for parishioners who brings Holy Communion to the sick. Anyone interested in joining this ministry are welcome to attend on Thursday 14th March 7.30pm at the parish office.
YOUTH MEETING – Friday 1st March 7.30pm at St Peter’s College Clyde North.


NEW PARISHIONERS: This weekend we formally welcome new parishioners who have come to live in our parish over the past year. We are constantly blessed with new parishioners, their prayerfulness and faith, and the gifts and talents they bring to our parish. We do encourage those who have newly arrived to register as parishioners for our parish.

FUNDRAISING FOR OUR NEW CHURCH BUILDING: With the project to build our first church, and also our parish offices, progressing and hopefully coming to completion over the coming 2 years, parishioners who are willing to work for a parish fundraising campaign are asked to please contact the parish office. Some have done this previously, and we invite you to renew your offer, and we are conscious that we have always new parishioners coming to our parish, and we would welcome your support too.

RITE OF ELECTION OF CATECHUMENS AND PRESENTATION OF BAPTISED CANDIDATES will be celebrated by Bishop Patrick O’Regan at St Mary’s Cathedral Sale at 3.00 pm Sunday 10th march 2019. Singers are invited to join a Diocesan Choir for the occasion. Rehearsal is at 1.30 in the choir loft followed by the Rite of Election at 3.00 pm. Afternoon tea to follow. Please RSVP to Sophy Morley without delay P 5622 6677 or email


A reminder to families that 2020 applications are due in at the College by Monday 4th March. Information packs are available from the College Offices or you can download an application form from the College website.

First round offers will be sent out at the end of March. For further enquiries please contact the College Registrar, Wendy Height on 5990 7777.

SACRED CONCERT WITH DAVID PARKES: Come and listen to renowned Irish singer David Parkes’ witness through his singing ministry at St. Agatha’s Church on Friday 8th March at 7.30pm after Stations of the Cross at 7.00pm. During the concert David will give his testimony about his miraculous healing from Crohns disease. David’s concerts are unique, humorous and spiritually inspirational. His latest CD “Remember Me” will be available to purchase.  For more information see the flyer on the notice board. Enq: Divine Mercy Publications 9830 4386 or St Agatha’s Parish 5996 1985.

COMBINED CATHOLIC PARISHES RAFFLE – Tickets Sold Out!! Thank you for your support. Tickets due back on 7th April 2019. To return: place ticket and money in an envelope (do not remove staples) and put in any of the offering plate. Thank you. (VCGR Permit no. – 10699/18)

MASS OFFERING ENVELOPES are available at both entrances of our worship space. Please write your contact number on the envelope should the date of the Mass you requested for is not available.

PIETY STALL – Holy Beginnings piety stall opens every 2nd weekend of the month. Month of March is on the 9th & 10th. For orders and enquiries, call Rick & Anita on 0450 782 558. an online platform featuring Catholic videos, audio talks, eBooks and movies from partners like the Augustine Institute, St. Paul Center, Marian Fathers, Lighthouse Catholic Media, Ignatius Press and Word on Fire. St Thomas the Apostle parishioners have free access to this. To get the parish code contact Parish Office: 5998 0947 or email:

PALMS ENCOUNTER – This Encounter is an intimate, immersive, inter-cultural experience for your parishioners to meet Palms volunteers and the host communities where they are working in Timor Leste. It will provide insights that challenge perceptions and deepen understanding for parishioners, and a unique opportunity for them to experience Holy Week among our neighbours. 7th -19th April 2019. For more enquiries, visit or call 02 9560 5333.

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